Step up your Jewelry Game + Crown Yourself

Meet Joleen

Hola! It's me, Joleen. In 2016, I started making waist for my fellow camp counselors. I loved the way they looked and wanted on for myself. The problem was, when a waist was completed you had to burb the ends together. Maybe it was my fear of commitment but I did not want a permanent accessory. As a result, I attached a clasp to mine own series of waist beads. 

Since then two important things happened. I feel in love with making jewelry and I realized we don't have to wear accessories the usual way. In my jewelry and accessories collections you will find different ways to where one piece and a convince way to achieve your best look without the struggle (physically and finacially). I create fun designs (which I also wear) and I empower you to look your best. 

Lastly, my goal is to create beautiful, fun and unique accessories. Also, to treat you like you purchasing gold and diamonds. You shouldn't have to be rich to be treated like royalty. I'll show you some respect.