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Heartbreak Jewelry - A Short Story

Unpacking spring and summer clothes always fills me with joy. Flowers are in bloom, the air has the right amount of chill, and my heart overflows with hope. There is an extra pep in my step as I am going through my clothes. One pile for donations and one pile for keeps. I feel my smile fade a little as I pick up what use to be my favorite pair of jeans. No, no! Don’t do it, I tell myself. But it’s no use because the tears start forming. My eyes are glassy as I try to stop the tears from falling. I reach into the pocket of the pants and I feel the cool metal on my fingertips. The tears are free-falling now when I pull the matching necklace and bracelet of out the pocket. I thought I threw these pants away but I guess not. I thought I was over this. My mind flashes back to the warm summer afternoon when he gently placed the necklace around my neck and the bracelet around my wrist. I can still feel the warmth of his hands and he held up his camera so I can see my reflection. It was the