Live from Blue Bottle Coffee

It’s a cloudy Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in Blue Bottle Coffee writing this blog post. Honestly, this has always been a weird dream of mine. The writer’s aesthetic of writing their next masterpiece while sipping an endless brew of lukewarm coffee always intrigued me. And now, I am here in a coffee shop having that same experience minus the masterpiece. Wow. Life is truly a series of unexpected events. 

My “Happy Hits” playlist is bumping the latest music in Pop. I purchased my coffee ticket, which is a caffé latte, to sit for an hour or two while I let all the thoughts flow out of my mind and onto this page. I choose a window seat of course, so I can have the right amount of distraction. Every so often, I’ll pick my head up to see who’s walking by. 

This guy just rode by on his red and gold bike, with a speaker strapped to the front. I wonder what he is listening to. He is also wearing shorts that show off his crew-cut superman socks. 

I like to watch the barista make coffee. The gadgets they use here are so fancy. The barista is currently shaking a drink that way a bartender would. I wonder what drink he is making. I want to get that next time. 

Sitting and allowing my mind to wander is a gift. I consume so much information every day and I don’t unwind enough. I’m grateful for this present moment, where I can sit and not think about anything. I can imagine and wonder. And most importantly, I can get in touch with my creativity. I’m content.


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