Eureka! Reflections on a change of space

A small amount of creativity can go a long way. I'm not sure what it was but I started getting antsy and distracted as I was working from home. So, I worked in the office today and you know what? Man, I checked so many items off my to do list! It felt great. 

As I reflect on the effect the change of space had on me, it reminded me of a conversation I had earlier in the week. A friend shared that there is a theory or concept of having a third space. A space to work, a space for leisure or being at home, and a space for creativity. In the remote, hybrid world we are currently. in, it’s hard to separate home and work. 

I’ve tried a number of things such as having a desk primary for work that I put away on the weekend. And, I am grateful that I have the option to work or not work at home. But there are days when I absolutely can’t focus in one setting and need to switch. 

There are times when I had to do the opposite. When I couldn’t focus at work and went home and was able to work at home. I realize that what I need is not balance but a stronger awareness of myself. We all have different needs when it comes to space and productivity. For me, I need lots of change. In fact, I am writing this reflection in a coffee shop because I kept getting distracted at home.

Lastly, these thoughts are so important for creativity and creative explorations. I am on a jewelry making sabbatical but I’ve been slowly getting back into my creative pursuits. But, I need a third space to ensure that I give myself the space and time that I will need to fully explore. So, does that mean I go to a different coffee shop every Saturday. Well, it so happens that I love coffee so, I will use coffee shops as my third space to explore my creativity.


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